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02 July 2008 @ 07:54 pm
Livin' like bachelors, me and the dog...  
My honey pie has been gone on her (nearly monthly) business trip to Santa Monica, CA this week.  She comes home tomorrow (YAY).  When she's gone, me and trix are total frat boys.  It's ridiculous.  we don't pick up after ourselves, we don't clean anything, we don't even straighten our beds before going to sleep at night.  And then, the day before our favorite girl comes home (today) we suddenly kick into action and get our acts together again!  So far tonight since being home from work I have done dishes (that would be, every single dish we own, practically), taken out all the trash, dustbusted the floors to get up all the trixie hair (she's no help), cleaned the bathroom sink, folded and put away laundry, threw all the old food out of the fridge, cooked myself a proper meal (more about that to come) and ate it!  Phew... I'm exhausted.  Not really.  Which is good because before the night's over I want to finish the dishes (tonight's dinner dishes and some random left-overs), brush the dog, vacuum the carpet to get the rest of the trixie hair up, change the sheets on the bed (that's a must) and clear all my junk off my love's desk where I've been sitting every day since she left b/c I miss her and it feels good to be surrounded by her stuff (I'm a total sap).  <shake head>  Good lord.  Oh yeah! And I gotta call my grandmother.  Luckily I have a cute new earbud for my phone so I can talk while I work! 

So about my dinner.  Don't have a pic b/c I'm not savvy enough to get it off my phone and into the computer.  But it was super yummy.  I made basmati rice - so easy, in the microwave - just pop it in with the water and a lid and let it do its thing for 20 minutes (thanks Pam) and then
i cooked up some sliced red potatoes and red peppers and put them over the rice and drizzled it all with homemade peanut sauce.  The peanut sauce turned out really good which is kind of amazing considering I've never tried it before, didn't have a recipe and was working with the limited ingredients with have in our house (oh yeah - was supposed to go shopping too...).  I started with creamy peanut butter and added some of all of the following (little by little, tasting as I went along):
soy sauce
a different soy sauce that tastes different
worstashire sauce (sp?)
bottled nuac cham sauce (vietnamese sweet chile fish sauce)
fresh lime juice
garlic powder (I think... did I? I must have - I put it in everything)
oh yeah (this is weird) sour cream (just a little!)
oh yeah and apple juice too

Ya know, that's my thing - my food always has at least 100 ingredients because i just keep trying different stuff till I get the taste I want.  It's pretty fun to cook like that but when you try to tell people how you made stuff, it gets a little silly.  Anyway, the sauce turned out fabuloso.  I decided that the potatoes and rice were a little too starchy together (I was thinking it'd be kind of like potato curry over rice but it wasn't saucy enough to taste right.  But the red peppers were a perfect match with the peanut sauce.  Next time I think I'll do all veggies - peppers, squash, broccoli etc... YUM!

So I better sign off so I can get working!  Can't wait to see my beautiful love tomorrow (trix can't wait either). 
Current Music: Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion