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26 September 2008 @ 11:29 pm
McDougall - givin it a try  
My girl and I have decided to give the McDougall weight loss program a try (a shift to a healthier lifestyle, really - but primarily now to lose weight).  It's pretty fun, coming up with ways to cook without any oil or refined flours.   But I think the fact that the plan is centered around starches makes it really doable.  Starches are satisfying and I crave them naturally (Dr. McDougall makes the point that we all do) so centering my meals around them seems like a good thing, in terms of feeling satisfied by what I'm eating even though my choices are limited, overall.

Last night, my girl made our first McDougally meal.  She made quinoa (a mild tasting, yummy whole grain that can sub for rice), mixed in corn and fresh cilantro (w/garlic powder and salt) and topped it with black beans.  We put salsa on top and lemme tell ya - it's was really yummy.

This morning we had oatmeal with applesauce and cinnamon. It was okay.  I'm gonna experiment with other fruits - I sliced some banana in it and that improved it tremendously b/c it was more the right kind of sweetness than the applesauce was.

Tonight, I made dinner.  I sliced and boiled some sweet potatoes (or yams, I forget which is which) and mashed them up.  And I blanched some fresh broccoli and just put a little salt and pepper on it.  To go on top of the potatoes (and broccoli if we wanted), I made a roasted red pepper sauce.  After roasting the red pepper on the open flame of our gas stove (trick learned from my girl), I put it in the blender with some chopped onions, fresh cilantro, balsamic vinegar, a little curry powder, cumin, basil, salt and garlic powder and  blended it.  Then I heated it in a pan and ladled it over the potatoes.  It turned out super good. And I thought I'd missed the boat on giving us enough food to be full, but by the time we finished our potatoes, we were stuffed.

I'm still a little confused about some things though.  Have more reading to do on it.  But I'm looking forward to being creative and to hopefully taking off  weight!!!

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