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28 September 2008 @ 03:22 pm
brought to you by dr. mcdougall (and me)  

Today's McDougally lunch was homemade (oil-less) hummus - which I made by blending up a can of garbanzo beans and adding lemon juice, garlic powder, paprika and a bit of salt.  Also, I made a cold salad with peas, corn, carrots, cilantro and balsamic vinegar (mixed w/some red wine vinegar).  It all turned out really good - and again, was surprisingly filling.  Oh yeah, we each had a 1/2 pear sliced up as well and brown rice cakes to spread the hummus on. 

Here are pics:
mcdougall lunch by you.

homemade hummus by you.
my gorgeous girl enjoying lunch:

jasperfields eating lunch by you.
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