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05 October 2008 @ 12:41 am
Another winning McDougall meal  
McDougall is still going well.  We've definitely had some bombs - learned we don't care much for at least 2 winter squashes - and that we don't like amaranth - an ancient grain that really should be extinct because it's like eating sand - teeny weeny little grains of sand that roll in your mouth like... well - I'll stop.  All I can say is ick.  But tonight's dinner was definitely super yummy.  I think it's ranking number 2 on my list of top meals so far.  Till now, we haven't really made anything with potatoes (a staple starch on the program).  We've been discovering new things (some we love like quinoa and others we don't - see above) - and we've been eating lots of brown rice and enjoying it.  So tonight we finally pulled out the potatoes and did a totally basic stir fry kind of thing - that was nothing short of mouthwatering.  My love got us this beautiful new bamboo cutting board for a bargain today at TJMaxx cuz all we had was a tiny plastic one and we're doing far too much cooking now for that to suffice.  We also bought an awesome new non-stick deep skillet.  We needed a high quality no-stick pan since we can't use oil to cook.  And we wanted to be able to brown hashbrowns and stuff.  This one worked perfectly tonight. 

 new bamboo cutting board by you.

seasoning in our new pot by you.

scrumptious mcdougall potatoes by you.

Here's our scrumptious McDougall Potatoes recipe:
Pour some vegetable broth and some water into non-stick skillet
Add chopped onions and green peppers, garlic powder, a few splashes of redwine vinegar, basil, salt and black pepper
Slice red potatoes thinly, cut yellow squash and red bell peppers into strips and slice white mushrooms
Add potatoes to pan and cook for a few minutes, stirring often
Add the rest of the vegetables, adjust seasoning and let cook for about 20 minutes, stirring often
That's it!  It's totally basic, but just completely tasty.
Oh yeah and when it was done, I wilted some spinach leaves on top which just added a lovely splash of bright green color to the dish.


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