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13 June 2008 @ 11:00 pm

I've been looking online for Obama gear and these illustrations are my favorite.  The first is sold as a sticker on www.stickerobot.com/obama and is done by an artist named Munk One (aka Jose A Mercado).  I think it might be my number one favorite of all the O artwork I've seen so far.

These next two are done by Shepard Fairey.  The first one (Change) is sold as a poster at the BarackObama.com store under Artists for Obama.  Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) they're all sold out, at least for now.  But stickerobot.com/obama has the second one (Hope) and they're selling it as stickers.  Personally, I like to get my O support gear from O's website so the money will go to his campaign.  But this stuff is too cool to pass up, really.  And part of the history of what is happening with Barack is the work of artists like these who have been inspired by him.  So even if it doesn't monetarily help his campaign to buy them, it supports those who support him and getting his face and message out there in any way is a good, good thing (as Martha would say).


I've heard people say that they're just not sure he really is different.  Well I, for one, am totally convinced.  Just the fact that he is willing to speak so passionately about our ability and capacity as a nation and as individuals to be better, do more, come together - feels very different than any politician I've ever heard.  I feel certain that he really does believe in the basic goodness of people and in the power of unity... in the premise that we have more that unites us than we have that divides us.  And I feel like he is totally genuine when he speaks about our embracing the best parts of ourselves and his belief that when we do, there's nothing out of our reach.  It's an honor to live in this time, witnessing the historic and deeply moving words, actions and steadfast hope of Barack Obama.  I wish people just wouldn't be so scared... to believe in their own goodness... and to believe in his.
My beautiful girl has to travel to Santa Monica, CA pretty much every month for business.  Several months ago, I tagged along and we had an absolutely wonderful time.  Here are some of the pics we snapped off.  I went to the beach one day and she and I spent lots of time in the city together. It was a great trip. 

The love of my life and me on the Santa Monica Pier...

28 May 2008 @ 10:45 am
My sweet and I had so much fun over our three day weekend.  We went to Bayou Boogaloo, ran right into Super Sunday by surprise and hung out there for a while, did Greek Fest, bought a totally cool blowup pool and played in it all afternoon, had an L Word marathon... loved on each other lots and just generally had an amazing, relaxing, fun and much needed 3 day break together.

Super Sunday Tuba Player!


This guy was so sweet and looked just amazing.  He made his outfit as a tribute to his sister who died of breast cancer.

At Bayou Boogaloo we lounged by the lovely bayou (where I took this pic) listening to the music and eating yummy ice cream.  We ran into three people I hadn't seen in years.  It was great to see them and took me way back in time...

Our awesome new pool! Trix sooo wanted to jump in with us.  She's so cute.  We gotta get her a little plastic kiddie version so she won't feel left out.  The pool is perfect - it's a great depth and could definitely hold 6 people.  Gotta have a party!
27 May 2008 @ 02:31 pm
Love love love my new tee shirt from Dirty Coast (http://www.dirtycoast.com/home.php).
Thank you sweetheart!

(pic courtesy of my lover's cool Nokia N800)
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23 May 2008 @ 08:01 pm
...as my girl would say. 
It's fun!  I set up a twitter account (see the link on my side bar -->).
I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend with my partner.  There are lots of local festivities going on in NOLA this weekend.  The two we're going to try to make are Greek Fest: http://www.greekfestnola.com/  and Bayou Boogaloo: http://thebayouboogaloo.com/  And then we're thinking we might head out of town for a short day trip to St. Francisville or somewhere else that's pretty and not too far away...  we need some relaxing time together.  On our last trip to St. Francisville we stayed in a plantation (mixed feelings there...) and the best part of the trip was hiking in Clark Creek Natural Area (http://www.hikelouisiana.org/detailsclark.html) which has tons of beautiful waterfalls that you can walk and play in.  It's absolutely lovely.  Some refer to it as Tunica Falls.  It's right outside of St. Francisville, LA in Pond, MS.  Stunning, really and so peaceful...  Here are a few pics of our trip there... 

Off to take a shower and then we're having an L Word marathon!  Yummy...
02 May 2008 @ 10:43 am
My honey got me this awesome MP3 player last year for my birthday and it developed problems not that long after I'd had it and then I was a slacker about returning it to the company for replacement.  But we just took care of it and now I have it back and it is sooooo fabulous.  I love it.  It's got 4G of space and has an FM Tuner which is totally cool.  But the best thing about it is that I can plug a line in from my piano and record my playing directly onto my little Zen.  Absolutely the best gift.  And I have a stereo in my car that has a front line in auxiliary so I can plug my little Zen right into the front of it and hear all my awesome tunes!  I love it!  And it's the tiniest little thing - it's like you're not even carrying anything when you have it in your pocket.  So fab!

Well... almost done with finals.  I aced my last biology test so I don't have to take that final.  I just have to finish my Statistics project and take my french final and that's it!  Ciao for now...
29 April 2008 @ 03:48 pm
This is the most hysterical thing I have ever seen.  It just came in my email and I needed it badly on this long boring drawn out day at work.  Doesn't this just sum up the whole award experience, really?

"Smile for the camera, kid - or I'll cap ya right here."
(spectators fake applause, look terrified, wondering if he'll really do it....)
28 April 2008 @ 09:58 am
I am so over school!  Gotta get through this last week of classes and my finals next week and then I'll have a 3 week break before summer classes.  But I told my soc professor I'd help her with a survey she's doing so I'm not sure how much of a break those weeks will be. 

Our house is looking soooo lovely.  Our jasmine is blooming like crazy and we did tiny little landscaping things in the front that made a big difference in how it looks up there.  here are some pics:

we planted azaleas along the side of the house too - but they aren't blooming anymore.  such gorgeous pink flowers!

you can see the sweet olive tree my love got me as a gift (it's my favorite!) in the middle of the yard.  we call it a tree in training b/c it's so little.  but in time it'll grow huge!
our yummy elephant ears and new cedar border.  so pretty!  yeah... painting the porch and steps is next...


our sweet girl through our jasmine covered fence. 

Well, gotta go take tests and stuff now.  fooey.  I'd rather just be here at our gorgeous house with my love!!!
Ah well...
27 April 2008 @ 03:41 pm
well... my love and I just decided to take a walk, down the street, towards jazz fest and within a block of our house, rain started coming down in barrels!  it felt like every drop that hit was the size of a golf ball. splash!  splash!  omg.  we ended up stranded on a porch with a colorful array of new orleans characters... till finally we just braved it and walked back home. when we got into the house it was as if we had been dunked in a swimming pool!  sheesh.

anyway... gotta love new orleans!
ciao for now.